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Hi, my name is Matt and I have been playing guitar for about 9 years.

The first and most important advice I can give you is to get solid and planned guitar lessons. Most novice guitarist will spend their first few months trying to find free guitar lessons and while they might learn first few songs they picked out for themselves but overall result is very poor progress without the foundations that can be used later on in your career.

I also made the same mistake, instead of paying the $19 for the membership for any site with paid lessons I lost months and months of solid practice on partial information, bits and pieces from different sources. After I accepted calculated that $19 is not a huge dip in my budget when compared to the $500 guitar my skills DRAMATICALLY improved.

Long story short, you want to get better soon? Take the planned out, in order, step by step training from skilled guitarist that created wonderful programs. This is the fastest way to get better.

The Best Places Online To Master Guitar ( I Tried All Of Them)

In my search for knowledge I frequented most of the online guitar lesson membership online program. Some have a real advantege when compared to the others while some may fit better and more skilled guitarists and better guitars.

In my opinion the top guitar lessons site For 2016 is Jamplay!


The volume – Amazing list of over 8,000 (yes eight thousand!) lessons and very simple and easy to follow training. This site has the best organization of lessons.
Super noob training – If you don’t know what a guitar looks like you will learn! Also what to do from day 1.
Super advanced training – Huge archive of super advanced training. If you’ve been playing for 3 years but feel you reached your plato this will give you the extra inch you need to hit the new improvement stride.
Super cheap – if you compare the amount given with the amount received. At $17 bucks a month you get access to 40 teachers and thousands of hours of training + live lessons (if you prefer)
Training in all forms – Electric, acoustic, country, shredding… Name a guitar, they have it.
All-star guitar teachers – Get your lessons from successful guitarists such as Bumblefoot from Guns N’ Roses, Steve Stevens from Billy Idol, Shane Gibson from KORN
The Verdict – Jamplay is an excellent, premium, affordable way for beginners that we suggest to anyone who is willing to listen.

Click Here To Check Out Jamplay

Online guitar lessons are the best method for learning playing the guitar easily. No matter your motives. Starting a band, getting the chick from church choir, busking on the street, for fun or personal goals, online guitar lessons are the best choice for it.

There are many online sources that can be extremely helpful if you’re a beginner but even if you’re advanced and wanted to buff your guitar skills. Online guitar lessons are getting momentum since the number of guitarists that want to improve their skills is growing. Having a tutor can be helpful but it’s not a standardized experience such as online guitar lessons. Which means you could end up paying $20 for hour and still have specific things unclear and you can’t really “replay” the live session.

Taking guitar lessons online is beneficial for several reasons. First, online guitar lessons allow you to access a constant source of musical content and tutorials from all devices connected to the internet. There are many guitar teachers (such as myself) out there and more guides being posted on the internet every day. By using the advantage of online resources, it is easy to learn playing this beautiful musical instrument from multiple tutors and learn array of techniques.

Online guitar lessons can help save time and money if you select the right one. If you hire a private guitar tutor, you will spend most of your time organizing, packing your guitar and traveling to and from class. As I mentioned before, you might learn certain techniques but thing that gave you a hard time will be forgotten by the time you get home. With guitar lessons online you can always replay the instructions and create your own learning timetable and most importantly play the hard parts over and over again until you pass them. An online guitar course can save you money as well.

The cost of hiring private tutors can be extremely high (for your time as well as your money).

Online lessons will let you learn at a convenient pace. The video lessons will enable you to learn in a comfortable environment, in your underwear, without any pressure. By learning guitar from home you are not faced with anxiety and disappointment that you would be exposed to if you were to learn in a class full of fast learners. If you feel the lesson is too long and that you already have the skill you simply skip or move to the next video and start learning new techniques. That way, you are cutting time it takes to learn playing guitar which results in quicker skills than those who take private guitar lessons.

These sites have a very strong money-back guarantees, your dissatisfaction will be solved with a single mail. You, as a consumer, are completely protected in that regard.

It’s easy to find the appropriate guitar lessons by using the internet, if you know where to look. If you are a beginner you should look for programs that provide free beginner lessons, that way you can see if guitar playing is for you. You know you’ve found a best lesson when you have video, audio, diagrams, tabs and chords. A good online course will help you learn the basics fast which will help you maintain your motivation. Metal guitar training can help you if you want to increase your shredding skills and want to be transformed to a master guitarist in a short period of time.

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